Monica Potter Q&A: ‘Parenthood’

Monica Potter was hoping for a happy, fun season for her character Kristina Braverman on "Parenthood." What she got instead was a challenging acting role involving breast cancer throughout the year.

"It played some tricks on your mind sometimes, but you had to go in every day with your 'A Game' and hope that you were telling the story the right way," revealed Potter in a video chat with Gold Derby. "I didn't know much about breast cancer, and I learned a lot through the storyline and through her experience with it."

While the show hasn't quite been on the radar of Emmy Award voters, they did finally break through the ice a little bit last year when Jason Ritter was nodded as Best Drama Guest Actor. Potter hopes to contend as Best Drama Supporting Actress in 2013 and has been gaining ground in the competitive field according to Gold Derby statistics. She is now ranked eighth, while last year's champ Maggie Smith ("Downton Abbey") is favored to win again.

If she is nominated, Potter would submit the episode "Keep on Rowing," in which she shaves her head and has a date night with her husband Adam (Peter Krause).

Of Krause, she added, "He's been an incredible gift for me and as an actress learning the craft better. What a gift he is to work with… just amazing."

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