Newton Brothers Interview: ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ composers

“We crafted everything as a nice dance and it was driven mainly by emotion rather than scare for the entire show,” Taylor Newton Stewart tells Gold Derby in an exclusive interview (watch the video above). He and creative partner Andy Grush created the musical score composed for Netflix’s horror limited series under their banner as The Newton Brothers. Grush adds, “We found that the way ‘Haunting of Hill House’ plays is that it’s not just about one character. You think that at first, but as the season goes on, you start to realize it’s about the collective — the whole ensemble of everybody, all the characters and all of the characters at all their different ages and we tried to encapsulate that musically as well, by having the music do the same, not be a singular theme, but maybe being more an encompassing theme.”

The Newton Brothers have submitted “Screaming Meemies” for Emmy consideration in the revamped Best Movie/Limited Music category because “this episode encompasses all of the themes and all of those themes have new iterations.” Grush admits, “All of the themes are in episode nine and that wasn’t even by design.” He further cites its narrative developments that are “so heavy to watch and strangely beautiful too” in addition to how “there’s such an arc” to the season and “a lot of things are coming together and as a viewer, you recognize what has happened” in this penultimate episode.

The Newton Brothers will also be on the Best Main Title Theme Music ballot. Stewart explains, “We started on main titles right around when we were working on the first episode [specifically] and we wrote maybe seven versions that were inspired by the visuals and what we were seeing and also the story of the show, some things we already wrote and then we gave a bunch of options and choices to the showrunner and Mike [Flanagan] picked what you hear today.”

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