Nick Kroll Interview: ‘Big Mouth’

Nick Kroll is very blunt about where the crazy stories on the show “Big Mouth” come from. “The stories come from the experiences of me and [co-creator] Andrew Goldberg, our friends from elementary and middle school or from other writers,” he reveals to us in a recent chat (watch the exclusive video above). “We also had a friend who had sex with a pillow and Andrew actually had an orgasm while dancing with a girl.”

Kroll’s show, “Big Mouth,” also co-created by Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, is an animated show on Netflix that centers on several kids in seventh grade as they navigate their way through puberty. Kroll and Goldberg have been friends since they were children and are the basis for the two main characters, Nick and Andrew, the latter being voiced by John Mulaney. The most memorable yet embarrassing moment on the show that came from real life was when the show’s main female character, Jessi (Jessi Klein), has her first period during a school trip to the Statue of Liberty: “It was based on our friend from childhood who was an early model for what we wanted Jessi to be,” he says about the woman this happened to. She told Kroll and Goldberg about the incident after hearing about the show and both of them knew that was going in the show.

The show’s subject matter combined with the fact that it’s animated has allowed the program to go in some pretty outrageous directions from having talking genitals to the Hormone Monster that serves as Andrew’s instigator to act on his urges. Netflix has been very accommodating in letting the show do what they want but even times where he’s been told to reign something in, Kroll admits that he agrees with their assessment. In one instance, Kroll remembers, “We had Nick’s sick old Hormone Monster take a thermometer out of its genitals and Netflix said, ‘Guys, we think you’re going to have to cut that,’ and we were like, ‘Yeah, we agree. It’s too disgusting.'” That being said, Netflix still didn’t have a problem with Andrew’s Hormone Monster having sex with the severed head of Garrison Keillor.

Kroll also gave us some exclusive insights into what is planned for season two, which will be released later this year including a new character. “We’re adding a Shame Wizard because I think that’s also a huge part of puberty, is the feeling that goes along with desire and awkwardness is the concept of shame.” He also revealed that his character, Nick, might get a girlfriend voiced by Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez, that Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) is still dealing with relationship issues with his pillow and that a lot of characters are going to continue trying to figure out who they are.

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