Nick Murray interview: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ director

“It’s been a cultural shift, in general, across the country and across the globe,” says Emmy winner Nick Murray while discussing the impact of VH1’s reality TV competition series “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” “What started out as a niche show has become mainstream. It’s down to the way the world is at the moment and how it’s changed over the last 10-12 years. There is a culture of more acceptance, more diversity across the board. This is something that this show has done from the get-go and it has been a driving force, culturally, across genders, sex, the world in general. That’s down to who Ru is, all the queens we have on the show and the power of love.” Watch the exclusive video interview above.

“In a way I think it’s the most culturally significant show of the past decade, if not the century,” Murray proclaims. The director won his first Emmy in 2018 and has submitted the Season 13 episode “Gettin’ Lucky” for consideration this year. “I’m humble and proud to be a part of it. I love the show. It’s the driving force of culture and I pinch myself every season when we do it again.”

Murray explains how the show has moved away from the original perception of “men in dresses” and brought drag to the masses. “Kids form a large portion of people who go to DragCon,” he says. “It’s spawned so many different wonderful things over the years, including DragCon, including I forget how many off-shoots of the show now across the entire globe. It’s taken off in a way that I don’t think anyone expected it to, but maybe hoped. We’ve done a fantastic job in creating this new way of looking at things. This culture of acceptance. Including everybody! We’re all here to play.”

“It takes a village,” Murray says of pulling each episode together. “It’s not just me. I’m part of the team guiding the ship, I suppose, and I have a wonderful team underneath me. It’s a real team effort across the board and the producers that come up with the creative every year are the best in the business.”

Murray says one of his proudest achievements in Season 13 was the video for RuPaul’s single, “Lucky.” “It’s one of the best things that we’ve ever done,” he explains. “The way the editors compiled everything that I shot on the day is outstanding. It’s fun, it’s innovative, we shot it over two hours, the queens were outstanding. They pandered to all my needs and all the different shots and takes that we did. One of the challenging aspects of shooting a video like that is that we’ve not only got to shoot the video on the day, but we’ve also got to shoot the rest of the show. We don’t have the luxury of time and we’re a little pressed occasionally. But when you work with the best, it turns out great.”

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