Niecy Nash Interview: ‘Claws’

“The stories “Claws” is telling about the underworld of illegal drug sales, laundering money, murder and crime have usually been reserved for men,” explains Niecy Nash in our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video interview above) about the TNT series. “It’s not unlikely to see men in these roles. It’s been the ‘Breaking Bads’ and ‘The Sopranos’ of the world. But now you have women.”

“Claws” tells the story of five manicurists who decide to use their nail salon to launder drug money. Nash says, “They are unapologetic, fierce and bad ass. It was time for this story to be told through these women. The men on the show have leaned into the women taking the lead. And I think they like it.”

Nash adds, “I’ve learned what sisterhood really looks like from working with the women. Because we care for each other.” An example of this was when the women had a fight in the salon: “In the scene there’s a big group fight. But when they yelled cut everybody is checking on the other. We’d ask ‘are you ok?’ ‘Did I grab you too hard?’ ‘You know I really love you, right?’ It’s always a good time when all the ladies work in a scene together.”

Nash is the lead on the show, playing Desna Simms who runs the salon. Nash says she is similar to Desna because “we mother the people that we are around. We take care of the people who are around us. We both love hair, makeup and being a girl. How we are different is that Desna has a sinister side that I don’t have. Her heart can go dark. You are gonna get to see more of that in the second season. I love it! It’s good to be a bad girl.”

On what’s new for her, she says, “I’ve been in the business over 20 years and I’ve never been asked to be a sexual being on camera. If there was a little intimacy in anything I’ve ever done before it was always for the man’s pleasure. Not for my own. I’ve never been asked to do that before.”

Nash would love a chance to direct an episode of the series. She adds, “I’ve been doing this a long time. I lean into that space on the daily. I feel it’s the next progression of things. I can’t be running around in skintight jumpsuits all of my cute life. And if I can, do I want to? I might want to relax in some sweat pants and yell out instructions to people.”

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