Niecy Nash on Red Carpet: ‘Getting On’

At Monday's cocktail reception for Emmy nominees hosted by the Performers Peer Group of the TV academy, we chatted with Best Comedy Supporting Actress contender Niecy Nash on the red carpet about her humble upbringing and what's more fun, playing a nurse on "Getting On" or a cop on "Reno 911."

As for her first Emmy nomination, Nash admits, "You know, it's funny. I was raised in Compton, California with my mom, who was a single mom. And when I said I wanted to be an actress, my mother said, 'Well, baby, we don't know anybody in entertainment. Mother can't help you with that. But you know what you can do? Why don't you become a nurse?' Cut to now that I'm on 'Getting On,' she's gonna say, 'I always told you, you would make a wonderful nurse!'"

Nash plays Didi Ortley on HBO's comedy series, but in the 2000s she was known for role as a police officer on the cult hit "Reno 911." Which profession is more fun to portray on-camera? "I would say playing a nurse fits in more to who I really am, because I love people and I want you to be well. But playing a cop, when I get to bring my handcuffs home, that's something different," she jokes.

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