Niecy Nash Q&A: ‘Getting On’

“I was sad because it was ending” admits Niecy Nash as we chat via webcam (watch above) about the third and final season of her HBO comedy series “Getting On.” However, she allows, “the thing that I was happy about the way it ended. There’s a chance that if the show found life somewhere else, it could come back.”

Nash played nurse Didi Ortley who puts the care of her patients at a premium. She recalls “when I told my mother I wanted to be an actress, her response was, ‘Well we don’t know anyone in entertainment dear. You’re kind-hearted why don’t you go into nursing?’ So when I got the Emmy nomination last year for ‘Getting On’ my mother said ‘see I told you, you would make a wonderful nurse!’ I was like Mom, I’m not really a nurse. Calm down.’”

That recognition was important recognition to the actress “because the industry did let me know for a very long time that I was in a lane for broad over the top comedy. For ‘Getting On,’ I was invited to the party for such a beautiful piece of work. It just meant so much to me. Then to be nominated, and not even campaigning, just took it to another level. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity.”

Playing a nurse on the show taught Nash, “you need people to genuinely care about your well being. After the first season I found one of the background artists and befriended her. She’s still a very good friend of our family. People need people. That’s s my biggest take away from the show. Especially when you are in poor health.”

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