Niecy Nash Q&A: ‘Getting On’

"It was as if my peer group said, 'We see you,'" explains Niecy Nash while fighting back tears in our exclusive interview with the "Getting On" star. Nash surprised everyone — including herself — by scoring her first Emmy nomination in the Best Comedy Supporting Actress category for her role as nurse Didi Ortley. "I didn't know that anyone was watching our little show. I didn't know that the industry was as present. And so it was such a gift."

Nash was on set filming Season 3 of the HBO dramedy when "Our writers walked towards me and said, 'Ladies and gentlemen we have an announcement, our Niecy Nash has been nominated,' and I started sobbing like a baby," she recalls. "I don't even want to think about it too hard right now because I will cry these eyelashes right off my eyes."

Nash reveals that her Emmy episode submission, "The 7th Annual Christmas Card Competition," was one of two episodes she was wavering between, but she ultimately went with it because it was also HBO's choice as well. While her performance in the episode could snag her an Emmy, she says the real credit should go to the show's writers. "They do such a beautiful job writing these characters that are so complex and have these really full lives."

As for Emmy night itself, Nash says she's more grateful than excited for the upcoming experience because of the path it took her to get to that night. "It is especially sweet because I stayed on the outside looking in for so long. And now I get to join the party and be acknowledged in the party. I don't know if it gets any better."

To find out which other episode Nash thought about submitting, which character she originally auditioned for in the show, and her emotional reaction to being a "woman of a certain age" at the top of her career, be sure to watch our entire exclusive interview with the Emmy nominee below.

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