Nina Hoss interview: ‘TAR’

“She’s very disciplined, but also is a good politician,” explains Nina Hoss about her character Sharon in the film “TÁR.” “And Sharon doesn’t say so much. So I had a great time thinking about how she watches everything because within these looks … you understand the history of this couple.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Hoss above.

“TÁR” explores its title character Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett), a world-renowned conductor and composer whose career is threatened by allegations of misconduct. Sharon plays Lydia’s wife, an accomplished musician in her own right; she’s the concertmaster and lead violinist in Lydia’s orchestra. “I’m not unfamiliar with the classical music world, but I really never learned to play the violin,” Hoss says. She learned the instrument for the film “because I knew Cate and me, we would be there in this real orchestra … I just wanted to be their concertmaster for these two weeks that we were shooting, and to be able to sink into this world.”

While the story focuses on Lydia’s alleged wrongdoing, it doesn’t shy away from Sharon’s complicity. She’s “not innocent of this,” Hoss points out. “She’s part of this Lydia Tár system.” So when the walls start closing in on Lydia, Sharon is most upset that Lydia kept her out of the loop. “Sharon is very sure that she could’ve [mitigated the scandal], and that she could have protected the family and their relationship and their careers.”

That’s just one layer of the deep subtext of the film, and “what I find personally so fascinating about [writer-director Todd Field‘s] work here is that he doesn’t explain anything, he doesn’t judge anything, the film doesn’t tell me what I need to think about all the topics that it touches on … There’s so much in it, and every time you take something else out of it and that surprised me.”

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