Noah Emmerich Q&A: ‘The Americans’

"He's ever increasingly isolated, challenged, tormented," says actor Noah Emmerich about his character of FBI agent Stan Beeman on the FX hit drama series "The Americans." In our recent webcam chat, he explained, "He seems to be backed into a corner most of the season with very little relief."

In the first season, Beeman's partner had been killed in a grisly murder. That made him even more determined to win the Cold War with the Soviet Union. He and his estranged wife are neighbors of Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings (Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell), two of the undercover Russian spies he is hunting.

In the second season, his illicit relationship with Russian informant Nina Sergeevna (Annet Mahendru) almost caused him to commit treason. And some of his efforts almost cost his boss Agent Frank Gaad (Richard Thomas) his job.

Regarding those plot developments, Emmerich said, "Stan spends a lot of the season trying to come up with a plan to get Nina out, to in fact extricate her and hide her somewhere in America. But he's being asked along the way to provide secret information to the Rezidentura so that Nina can prove to them that she is in fact not betraying her country. Stan is faced with a dilemma of how much is he willing to compromise the secrets of his country to protect Nina."

Prior to this role, Emmerich may be best known as the best friend to Jim Carrey in the film "The Truman Show." His other films include: "Beautiful Girls," "Cop Land," "Frequency," "Windtalkers," "Miracle," "Super 8," and "Little Children."

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