Oscar Experts predictions slugfest: Could ‘King Richard’ rule over ‘The Power of the Dog’?

If you thought the week post-Oscar nominations would be quiet, you were dead wrong. This week, we not only got our Oscar hosts — congrats to Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes — but two, um, Twitter awards? How do we even describe them and their existence? Gold Derby editors and Experts Christopher Rosen and Joyce Eng are here to try to figure that out and determine a challenger to “The Power of the Dog.”

From now until March 3, fans can cast their votes on Twitter and via the Oscars Fan Favorite website for their #OscarsFanFavorite film and #OscarsCheerMoment from a film, which will be announced during the ceremony. Definitely not a ploy to placate all the angry “Spider-Man: No Way Home” fans (sarcasm font). But have we learned nothing from the Most Popular Film debacle? We discuss how the Oscars continue to cater to the wrong people and how these “awards” can backfire.

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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” cannot win Best Picture, but “The Power of the Dog” can and looks like it will at this moment. But which film is most likely to prevent the “Dog” from having its day? While “Belfast” remains in second place in the odds, one of us makes the case for “King Richard” to serve an ace.

Elsewhere, we touch on Best Actress (obviously) and make the case for Penelope Cruz‘s winning chances even though she’s dead last in the odds.

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