Oscar Experts’ Predictions for Best Picture: Tom vs. Anne vs. Pete

Just based upon the fierce clashing views in their video chat (watch above), it may seem like Pete Hammond (Deadline), Anne Thompson (Indiewire) and Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby) don’t agree on much, but they actually do concur on which ponies are the early Oscar frontrunners for Best Picture. They just don’t agree on which ones are ahead of each other.

Anne is passionate about “Roma” and she’s not alone. She’s among the eight Experts who pick it to win. That’s the most, followed by six for “A Star Is Born” and four for “First Man.”

Watch their video match-up over the Best Actor race.

See all of Anne’s Oscar predictions here. Tom’s here. See the rankings generated by combing their picks with those of other Experts, too.

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Video by David Janove and Andrew Merrill

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