Oscar’s acting races: Joyce Eng vs. Susan Wloszczyna vs. Tom O’Neil

Gold Derby senior editors Susan Wloszczyna and Joyce Eng have the nerve not agree with their boss Tom O’Neil about who’s ahead to win the Oscar for Best Actress and Actor! They’re betting on Glenn Close (“The Wife”) Bradley Cooper (“A Star Is Born”) and Tom’s spotting Lady Gaga (“A Star Is Born”) and Viggo Mortensen (“Green Book”). Watch the sparks fly in our slugfest video above or else listen to the audio podcast version below while we track all four acting races.

“Glenn Close is just overdue,” Joyce notes. “The only thing working against her is that her film is so small that hers will be the only nomination for it, but that hasn’t stopped Best Actress winners in the past. Julianne Moore just did it four years ago for ‘Still Alice.’

“But Gaga can totally win,” she adds. “I think SAG will be important for her and I can actually see her winning that because it’s SAG-AFTRA now so that includes radio DJs who’ve played her music for years. Glenn can lose everything, but if she wins SAG I think she’ll win the Oscar. I have Gaga winning the Globe over Glenn for now. ”

Susan concedes that Gaga at least will be nominated in that Oscar race. “I think the Oscars like Lady Gaga since they allowed her to save that one telecast while singing the songs of ‘The Sound of Music,'” she recalls. “I think it did a lot for her and a lot for the show. They need ratings this year and they may not have a host and all this other stuff so they better have someone who connects with a younger crowd.”

Tom disagrees, of course, and make his case for Gaga as victor! See all of our Oscar prediction rankings for Best Actree here and how they compare to 29 other Experts, too. Use the drop-down menu on that page to see their predictions in other categories.

Check out our latest Oscars racetrack odds based upon combining all Experts’ picks. Disagree? Make your predictions here and compete against our Experts and Editors to prove that you are the smartest prognosticator on the planet!

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