Oscars race for Best Picture: Pete Hammond & Tom O’Neil track the frontrunners

Pete Hammond (Deadline) agrees with Gold Derby’s 24 Experts who say “Dunkirk” is a shoo-in to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. See the Experts’ latest predictions.

Christopher Nolan created a brilliant epic that really worked — and worked commercially, too,” Pete asserts in our pundit showdown (watch video above or hear audio podcast below).

Eleven of our 24 experts predict “Dunkirk” will win the top Oscar, giving it 11-to-2 odds to prevail. But what if the prize is ultimately claimed by another scrawny, humble giant-slayer like “Moonlight”? What could that little indie movie be this year?

“I’d go back to A24 (which produced ‘Moonlight’) because I think they have another potential with ‘The Florida Project,'” Pete adds. “Plus, it takes place in Florida – just like ‘Moonlight’!”

Listen to the audio podcast below. Search for Gold Derby at iTunes to subscribe to our podcast channel.

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