Pamela Adlon Q&A: ‘Better Things’

“I wanted to do something that was more fictional, and then I ended up writing my own story,” divulges Pamela Adlon as we chat via webcam (watch the exclusive video above) about her first-show “Better Things.” Adlon co-created this FX series with Louis C.K. and stars as Sam, a single mother of three and struggling actress. Mikey MadisonHannah Alligood, and Olivia Edward play her children, and Celia Imrie co-stars as her British mother. In addition to her writing and acting duties, Adlon directed two episodes in Season 1 and is currently helming all 10 entries that are in production for Season 2.

The actress draws upon many different aspects of her life for the show, not all of which are channeled through Sam. “I’m able to tell stories that were my stories from my childhood through my TV daughters,” she reveals. “I’ve been collecting thoughts and memories and all of those kinds of things for years,” she adds. “I’m just able to put an amalgamation of all these things into my show, and the real life stuff becomes the great detail for me when I’m telling the story of Sam.”

Adlon is perhaps best known for her Emmy award-winning (2002) voice-over role as Bobby Hill on the long-running animated series “King of the Hill.” She is also famous for playing Louie’s girlfriend Pamela on “Louie,” which brought her Emmy nods for Best Comedy Writing in 2013, Best Comedy Series in 2014 and 2015, and Best Comedy Guest Actress in 2015. Her work on “Better Things” has already brought her a WGA nomination for Best New Series, so are the Emmys next?

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