Pamela Adlon Q&A: ‘Louie’

Pamela Adlon may have won an Emmy already for her voiceover work but says she was 'stunned and happy' to be nominated this year as Best Comedy Guest Actress for her recurring role as Pamela in "Louie." As she explains in our recent webcam chat, "I've been acting since I was 11-years-old, and I've never been nominated for [live-action] acting for anything."

She admits she doesn't have any expectations of winning. "I don't feel like there's something else coming because I was nominated and maybe I'm going to win. It doesn't even matter … I feel like [my fellow nominees and I already] won something massive."

Adlon is up for her performance in the episode "Bobby's House" – also nominated for Best Comedy Writing – in which she and Louie (Louis C.K.) role play as the opposite gender: she as "Peter" and he as "Jornetha." Crossing the gender divide isn't a new experience for the actress: "It's something that has been part of my life and career. I was always a tomboy … I never felt comfortable in the traditional role of being a girl … It's always a line that I've straddled and feel very comfortable in."

Doing so before won her an Emmy in 2002 for voicing Bobby Hill in the FOX animated series "King of the Hill." Back then Best Voice-Over Performance was a juried award with no nominations phase, so she already knew she was a winner when she attended the awardsfest. She recalls, "My mom went too, and ['King of the Hill' co-star] Stephen Root and his wife Romy came with me … and I said, 'Will one of you guys take a picture of me on the red carpet?' … and somebody comes and says, 'Can you move to the side, please? Paula Abdul is coming through!' I was like, 'Fuck Paula Abdul – I won an Emmy, man.'"

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