Patricia Clarkson Interview: ‘Sharp Objects’

“She’ll never leave me,” reveals Patricia Clarkson in our exclusive webcam interview (watch the video above) about how the character she brought to life in “Sharp Objects” still affects her to this day. “That’s who we are as actors, we all have certain characters that never leave us.”

In HBO’s acclaimed limited series, the two-time Emmy winner (“Six Feet Under,” 2002, 2006), Tony nominee (“The Elephant Man, 2015) and Oscar and Golden Globe nominee (“Pieces of April,” 2004) plays controlling matriarch Adora Crellin to daughters Camille (Amy Adams) and Amma (Eliza Scanlen). It was an especially challenging role for Clarkson, as the series confronts familial trauma and abuse and the difficult relationships between a damaged mother and her two very different daughters.

“It’s honestly, probably if not one of the most difficult characters I have ever played,” Clarkson admits about playing this complicated woman. “Sometimes I get emotional when I talk about Adora because it was really so traumatizing at times. I of course let her go, but I never went home to New York as Adora. I never went back into my apartment as Adora,” the actress reveals, adding, “I kept her right here in Los Angeles. It’s a strange thing to admit but I think about her often, I do.”

Clarkson believes one of the keys to playing an emotionally challenging role is not to judge the character you are embodying.”What drew me to take on Adora was the dichotomy. The sheer lightness and the sheer darkness,” she says. “It is essential that we see the best in the characters that we play, and we let other people judge them, let other people be mortified or horrified or disgraced by their behavior, but we have to do our best.”

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