Patrick J. Adams: Riding first SAG nod for ‘Suits’ to possible Emmy nomination

"It was a real gift. It was kind of out of nowhere and nothing that I had even considered a possibility," admitted Patrick J. Adams about his recent Screen Actors Guild nomination for "Suits." "You know there were so many conversations about all these other awards at the time. It's the last one we were thinking about, and when it happened it was easily, obviously the most honorable one for an actor to receive because it comes from the people who I respect and admire the most."

Adams was nodded as Best TV Drama Actor for his role as attorney Mike Ross on the freshman USA Network series. The race was won by Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire") with the other nominees being Emmy Award winners Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights") and Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad"), plus previous SAG champ Michael C. Hall ("Dexter").

If nominated for at the Emmys as Best Drama Actor this July, Adams revealed in a video chat with Gold Derby that he would most likely submit the pilot episode to the judging panel. The entire framework for the series is established with Mike, a brilliant college dropout, hired by a high-profile New York attorney (Gabriel Macht). Together they must keep the secret that Mike is not really a Harvard graduate.

Will Patrick J. Adams win Best Drama Actor?

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The second season of the show debuts on June 14. Adams said he is excited about the direction of these new episodes and what he is already hearing from early reviews. As he explained, "The comedy is there, the heart's still there, the lightness is still there, but the whole thing feels a little darker; it feels a little more serious. By virtue of the stakes getting higher, the tone of the show is kind of maturing a little bit. It kind of runs parallel to my character. Mike's journey through this is that he begins as a child, and I think he's going to be forced to kind of grow up quickly and take responsibility for this new world that he's found himself in."

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