Paul Reiser Interview: ‘The Kominsky Method’

“It looked so convincing, it was frightening to me,” actor Paul Reiser reveals about the physical transformation that he would undergo each day on the set of “The Kominsky Method” as a special guest star for its second season. He explains in an exclusive interview with Gold Derby about his recurring role as retired schoolteacher Martin Schneider (watch the video above), “They wanted to make me look closer to Michael Douglas. Michael’s about 10 years older than I am and they wanted to close that gap a bit. He’s already been established, so it was easier to bring me up and they did a great job. Sometimes, when you see prosthetic makeup or aging makeup, you can see it and it looks bad, so that was my one concern.”

Reiser shared in a Best Comedy Ensemble nomination with his co-stars on “The Kominsky Method” at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year. It was his eighth nomination without a win from the group; he is also yet to win an Emmy after 10 nominations. If nominated in Best Comedy Supporting Actor for “The Kominsky Method,” Reiser might submit the episode titled “A Secret Leaks, a Teacher Speaks” for consideration by the academy. He explains, “Chuck Lorre wrote this beautiful scene where I get snookered. I went to an acting class of Michael Douglas’s character and I’m watching and being a little bit of a pest and asking too many questions and he had me come up and talk and the talk spilled into this self-evaluation/self-exploration.”

Although “The Kominsky Method” continues to be received well by audiences and the Golden Globe Awards, Netflix has not renewed the show for a third season. “I have not heard anything,” Reiser updates, eight months after the release of the second season. “So often, it’s like, ‘We want the next new exciting thing to bring you into the Netflix world or Amazon world or Hulu world,’ so there are different considerations,” Reiser says about how renewals differ in the streaming era. He concludes, “Just because the show is good and the audience is growing, doesn’t always mean that the network will decide to pick it up.” Reiser also knows “nothing” about whether he will be reprising his government scientist role of Dr. Sam Owens on “Stranger Things” for its ordered fourth season, which he says is “all written now.” Reiser jokes, “I don’t know anything about that either! I’m a font of no information.”

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