Paul Rust Q&A: ‘Love’

“People have got to be careful what they say around us now, because a lot of times it will end up popping up on the show,” admits Paul Rust as we chat via webcam about his new Netflix romantic comedy “Love,” which he and his wife (Lesley Arfin) created with Judd Apatow. He plays Gus, an on-set tutor, who begins a relationship with Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), a radio programmer. 

The actor is quick to clarify that this on-screen pairing bears no resemblance to his real-life. “If I were an outsider looking into a show, and I heard two of the three co-creators were basing a show about their relationships I would be ‘urgh, pass, I’m not going to watch this.’ Lesley and I just hope people don’t think: ‘they think they are so special they are going to base a show about themselves.’ We want to try to do something different.”

As he explains, “it’s more based on our past experiences in other relationships, or more-so the observations we made about our friends.” He adds that, “if we based it on our lives a lot of it would, honestly, be a little boring.”

Rust reveals that Apatow made a key change to the concept. “Lesley and I presented it to Judd as an outline for a movie. He felt if we did this as a film we’d have to rush through a lot of interesting stuff about this couple. He had a longstanding idea to do a TV show that was about a relationship from when two people meet. And that’s how ‘Love’ began.”

He says being on Netflix affords them more freedom with the show’s pacing. Entire episodes are devoted to Gus and Mickey barely seeing each other. “Going as slow as possible, is borne out of the fact we knew that we had two seasons. We could move at a pace that was more patient. It was a lot easier to do that in a set-up where people would have the 10 episodes right in front of them.”

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