Paula Malcomson Interview: ‘Ray Donovan’

Paula Malcomson admits that saying goodbye to her character in season five of “Ray Donovan” was “a tough, incredibly challenging and nourishing experience.” Malcomson starred in the Showtime series as Abby Donovan, whose husband is a Hollywood fixer (Liev Schreiber) struggling to balance his personal and professional life. Season five opens with Abby dead, which precipitates Ray’s move to New York City. “There are characters that really get under your skin,” she adds, “and she was for sure one of them.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Malcomson above.

Season four found Abby diagnosed with stage-zero breast cancer, which threw the family into turmoil. And as season five progresses more details emerge about her untimely demise. “We’re looking at it through the prism of … memory,” Malcomson explains, “so there’s a little bit of rose-colored glasses to those flashbacks.” Abby’s death was also “the thing that put Ray’s character in the most jeopardy” and is “what makes him completely change his life.”

Could Emmy voters give her a farewell hug with a nomination for Best Drama Supporting Actress? “Ray Donovan” has certainly been a consistent presence in the awards race, with three Best Drama Actor nominations for Schreiber (2015-2017), two Best Drama Supporting Actor bids for Jon Voight (2014, 2016), and a Best Drama Guest Actor victory for Hank Azaria 2016 (he was nominated again the very next year). Beyond the acting categories, the show contended for Best Drama Directing and Best Sound Mixing in 2016.

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  1. My husband and I never missed any of the espouseds. We love the show but We think it was a big mistake to kill at because of the show. It’s just not the same without her. I had a big lotta people agree with me if the writers are good and they were can somehow figure out how to ride her back in but we would really love to see her back.wits just not as good without her. 😭

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