Pedro Rivero, Alberto Vazquez Interview: ‘Birdboy: The Forgotten Children’ directors

During our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above), “Birdboy: The Forgotten Children” director Alberto Vázquez describes his animated film as “a social and intimate story set in a fantasy world” and “a realistic fable.” Vázquez adapted this GKIDS release from his own graphic novel about three small animal children who try to escape their island home after an ecological disaster leaves it a wasteland. The mysterious Birdboy, meanwhile, evades the police and island scavengers when he is suspected of dealing drugs. The movie opens on Friday, December 15.

Vázquez collaborated with director Pedro Rivero to bring his vision to the screen. “It was in the moment that I read the graphic novel for the first time that I discovered a very powerful narrative,” Rivero divulges. “Immediately, I decided to call Alberto to propose to do something in animation from his work. We didn’t know exactly” what to do, “but after a few hours, we discovered that our main goal was to try to develop the graphic novel as a feature film.”

“Birdboy: The Forgotten Children” won the Goya award for Best Animated Film. Vázquez and Rivero also won a Goya for the short film that inspired “Birdboy” in 2012. Additionally, Vázquez reaped a Goya prize for the animated short “Decorado” (2016) and competed once more for “Sangre de unicornio” (2015). Rivero previously directed the film “La crisis carnívora” (2007).

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