Peggy Holmes interview: ‘Luck’ director

When crafting the world of good luck and bad luck for “Luck,” director Peggy Holmes actually started by doing a lot of research into the title subject. “We had a development team do research on luck, icons, colors, numbers, all around the world. But there’s a very clear rule that we discovered in doing the research which is luck is random. You don’t know when it’s coming and you can’t create it,” she tells Gold Derby during our Meet the Experts: Film Animation panel (watch the exclusive video interview above).

All this research was given to the film’s production designer Fred Warter who came back with a concept that Holmes was immediately taken with. “The very first image he did for the movie was two worlds sitting on opposite sides of a coin. Good luck on top and bad luck on the bottom. His brain just came up with this really cool image and we were like, yeah, let’s explore that.”

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“Luck,” which is currently streaming on Apple TV+, centers on Sam (Eva Noblezada), an 18-year-old girl who has been raised in foster care but is now aging out of the system. Sam has the absolute worst luck on the planet but that changes when she finds a lucky penny. After losing the penny, she follows a talking cat (Simon Pegg) into the Land of Luck where she attempts to secure some good luck for one of the younger girls back at the foster home she grew up in. The film also stars Whoopi Goldberg, Lil Rel Howery, Flula Borg, John Ratzenberger and Jane Fonda.

Directing Fonda’s voice work was a special treat for Holmes as Fonda had never done voice-over work before. Holmes decided to bring Fonda into the actual story process. “We had the artist go ahead and pitch Jane their sequences and Jane was just a part of it. The story artists were dealing with this 40-foot dragon, the kinds of shapes they were making, the kinds of posing they were giving her. She wanted to know how it all worked.” This led to Fonda to start to take on the poses and the persona of the character from the storyboards in the meetings. “Even in that meeting she was like, ‘Look at my tail! My tail is so long. I should wrap it around my body like a boa.’ There’s moments that happened in that great creative meeting with her that are in the movie now and she really took to it.”

Designing the character of Sam didn’t present much of a challenge for Holmes but finding the right spirit for her did. To get that aspect of Sam right, Holmes met with several young adults who had similar experiences to Sam when they were growing up. “They had grown up like that, had aged out of the system and were alone in the world making their lives happen. We were so struck by, despite the real life bad luck they experience, they were so hopeful and positive about finding family, making life better and super generous to their friends.”

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