Phil Keoghan Q&A: ‘The Amazing Race’

During our recent webcam chat, "The Amazing Race" host/producer Phil Keoghan reflects on the show's 10 Emmys for Best Reality-Competition Program, "I wish it was my secret. I have to say, it's just an extraordinary group of people that have been able to come up with the magic ingredients to make it work."

Keoghan continues, "Sometimes when you take a really wonderful idea like the idea of 'Amazing Race' and then you put the right people in [with] passion for that idea, and then those people bring their best to it, sometimes you end up with magic, you end up with the secret sauce, you end up with something that just works. We've been very lucky."

As for the upcoming season, he teases, "I would describe Season 27 as a real 'character' season, meaning the cast is really a little different than anything we've ever had. We've got some great match-ups with people where I think we're gonna see some fun banter between the teams. This could be an interesting mix, I think."

Keoghan reveals exclusively to Gold Derby that the show will be submitting the fifth episode from Season 25 ("Morocc'and Roll") to Emmy judges this year. "It's a goody," he says with a thumbs-up.

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