Phil Lord and Chris Miller Q&A: ‘The Last Man on Earth’ producers

"[Our show] is like a reverse 'Game of Thrones,' where instead of killing people off, we were adding people," say Phil Lord and Chris Miller, co-directors/producers of the apocalyptic Fox comedy "The Last Man on Earth," a show whose cast got surprisingly bigger and bigger as the first season progressed.

As for the shock of those characters being introduced, Miller adds, "It was another miracle of the show that in this era — in the internet era — that we were able to keep as much as we did a secret. Obviously, it was really hard to promote the show when you're just following Will Forte because audiences are kind of going like, wait, so he just sort of wanders around and smashes stuff for 13 episodes? Why would I watch this show? But we didn't want to spoil the surprise for the audience. We didn't want to take away that fun of the shock of that moment."

The Emmys are coming up next, which begs the question: Will "The Last Man on Earth" be nominated as Best Comedy Series? Lord tells us, "It would just be one more miracle that happened to this show. It certainly would be a really nice thing for television. It just means that audiences and the academy are embracing stranger ideas. We really seem to be leaving an era where you are trying to make the biggest tent possible and entering one where you are trying to make the most specific tent possible."

Also in our chat, Lord and Miller discuss the challenges of filming all those outdoor scenes in "The Last Man on Earth," whether they ever considered changing the title of the show after more male characters were added, and whether we'll see Jason Sudeikis pop up in Season 2.

And for fans of "The Lego Movie," they give us an update on the much-anticipated sequel and rehash the original film's infamous Oscar snub and what they thought of Neil Patrick Harris's joke at their expense on the Oscars telecast.

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