Priscilla Faia Q&A: ‘You Me Her’

“I think people are going to be very surprised,” declares Priscilla Faia as we chat via webcam about her new DirecTV’s series “You Me Her.” In this critically acclaimed comedy she plays Izzy, a college student and part-time escort, who enters into an uncoventional relationship with married couple Jack (Greg Poehler) and Emma (Rachel Blanchard). For Faia, “the show’s not about sex, it’s about connection and relationships.”

As she explains, “I think a lot of people have this expectation of what this show is going to be. You see this guy, who’s married, who is possibly maybe having a threesome with these two women but I think it is so different from that. It’s totally told from a unique perspective. It’s about the average joe, this suburban couple that are really falling for this girl and she is falling for them.”

The actress has relished the opportunity to tell this story in an honest, but still very funny way. “The comedy comes from the drama. We’re moving into an era where we have all these shows that are really uncomfortably honest, but that’s why they’re so funny, because everyone that watches it says oh god, I know exactly what that’s like. It’s relatable.”

Rather than being apprehensive about the subject matter, she was keen to shine a light on people and relationships that do not neatly fit the stereotypes we normally see on television. “I really loved the possibility of being part of something that would stir up some conversation.”

She welcomes a chance to talk about such a provocative topic. “This show is a platform for people to be able to have a conversation. What if the life that you want to live is nothing like you thought it was going to be. Would you risk it all to live it? That’s the big message of our show.

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