Rachel Brosnahan, Jordan Horowitz interview: ‘I’m Your Woman’ producers

“They really gave me the opportunity to find my own voice as a producer, to earn that seat at the table. It was an incredible experience from top to bottom,” says Rachel Brosnahan about her experience working with husband-and-wife filmmakers Julia Hart and Jordon Horowitz on the Amazon crime thriller “I’m Your Woman.” Brosnahan stars in the film, but it was also her first feature producing gig. We spoke to Brosnahan and Horowitz as part of our “Meet the Experts” film producers panel. Watch our interview above.

Hart directed the film, and Horowitz produced it, but first they co-wrote the script together about a woman (Brosnahan) forced to go on the run after her ne’er-do-well husband goes missing. It was inspired by the untold stories of female characters often sidelined in classic crime dramas. “In particular we were watching Michael Mann‘s ‘Thief,’ and in the second act of that movie Tuesday Weld is forced out,” Horowitz remembers. “Julia kind of turned to me and was like, what if we went with [her in] that car? And that was the initial spark of the idea … telling this story that was happening in parallel to some of the stories that we had already known.”

Brosnahan had been “interested in stepping into producing, but hadn’t quite found the right project or the right collaborators, and when I read this script I was so moved.” She appreciated the gradual, nuanced evolution of her character, “who comes into her own frame by frame by frame. She doesn’t become an overnight badass. Her whole life doesn’t change in an instant. I was so moved by this fresh take on womanhood, motherhood and this genre as a whole.”

Horowitz admitted that he was initially skeptical of Brosnahan’s interest in taking on the responsibility of producing as well as acting. But “now that I know Rachel I know what a silly question that was because if there’s anyone who actually wanted to do the work, it is Rachel.”

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