Rachel Brosnahan on Red Carpet: ‘House of Cards’

At Monday's cocktail reception for Emmy nominees hosted by the Performers Peer Group of the TV academy, we chatted with Best Drama Guest Actress contender Rachel Brosnahan (“House of Cards") on the red carpet about being in an Emmy race for the first time.For Brosnahan, the nomination was “very shocking." As she explains, “it was never going to happen, I was not expecting this.” Although she has been busy since her exit from "House of Cards," she readily admits, “to play this beautifully complex woman was a dream come true.”

When Gold Derby spoke with her in June she told us that she was as shocked as the audience would be about the death of her character. “I had no idea I was making a grand exit until I turned up for the table reading.”  Michael Kelly, who plays her character's killer Doug Stamper, also received his first Emmy nomination this year. Says the actress, “he was the only reason I was going to check the nomination list. To make sure Michael was nominated.”

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