Rachel Brosnahan Q&A: ‘Manhattan’ and ‘House of Cards’

Rachel Brosnahan confesses during our recent webcam chat that she feared history could be repeating itself when her character on “Manhattan” ended the first season with her marriage on the rocks. “It was like ‘Am I getting written off the show?’ but it was a blast.” After all, the actress saw the end of her recurring role on “House of Cards” this season. She readily admits about her character being killed, “I had no idea I was making a grand exit until I turned up for the table reading.”

"Manhattan" is set against the backdrop of the race to development the atomic bomb during World War II. Brosnahan plays Abby, wife of Charlie Issacs (Ashley Zukerman), a rising young scientist on the project. Shooting on location in New Mexico was something the actress embraced. "My personal experience was quite the opposite of Abby’s, this was a dream come true." How so? "To be able to come on location and see they had built this entire community for us to live in.” She says art imitated life. “We get it on some very very very small scale. That we’re all coming here not knowing each other and having to find a way to create this thing that’s very important to us." 

She talks candidly about Abby becoming involved with a Frenchwoman, Elodie, who works as a switchboard operator. "At a time when things become very difficult for her relationship with her husband and everyone else there, she doesn’t have friends she can trust. She meets this woman that values her and encourages her to be better and different and not just accept things as they are here, and to challenge her place in the world and her marriage." 

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