Radu Ciorniciuc interview: ‘Acasă, My Home’ director

When Radu Ciorniciuc heard in 2016 that the Romanian government was about to grant protection to a huge piece of land outside of Bucharest, he knew he had to make something out of it. But things soon went in a different direction. “We met two of the boys 400 meters from the city center of the capital. We immediately became interested in where these guys come from,” Ciorniciuc reveals in our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above). The boys led him to their father and Ciorniciuc soon realized that the story he would be telling would take a lot more than just a couple of days to film. “It was a perfect tabloid story, which we wanted to avoid, so we decided to stay a bit more. We didn’t know how much time and it turned out to be four years.”

“Acasă, My Home” centers on the Enache family, consisting of a father, mother and nine children, who live in an area outside Bucharest that would become the Bucharest Delta natural park. When the area is granted protection by the government, the family is forced to move into Bucharest and adapt to life in the big city. The family must adapt to their children receiving a formal education and having to care for their children in a way that complies with societal standards so that they can avoid having social services split the family apart.

Ciorniciuc explains that he really lucked out with the family’s patriarch since he had experience dealing with media and journalists in his role as a fixer for the area. “He met so many journalists and he’d seen himself in a lot of pieces that he immediately understood when we told him that we might stick around for a while.” He understood that Ciorniciuc didn’t want to tell a simple journalistic story about his family. “At first it was quite confusing for him, but it was confusing for us as well, so we were quite transparent with our process. We had a great partner in the father and the children since we built a good friendship.”

Since the film was completed the Enache family has been dealt some hard blows. “Unfortunately the father passed away a few months ago and that was a shock for everyone.” However, the family has experienced several uplifting moments as well. Ciorniciuc says that the children are taking online classes and are very computer savvy and the family has their own little house and a piece of land outside of Bucharest. “Right now there’s still a lot to go, especially since the father is not there anymore and the ground is shaky for everyone in the family. I think the prospective for them is brighter than it was when we met them.”

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