Ramy Romany Interview: ‘Making the Cut’ director

“Making the Cut” is a fashion competition series in which a dozen designers traveled to New York City, Paris and Tokyo to try to become the next great global brand, so it’s ironic that the show’s director, Ramy Romany, isn’t exactly a fashion plate. “I wear the same clothes every day: the same hat, the same blue shirt,” he confesses. “It’s just easier, I look good in it, it works in every occasion … One of their missions on the show was to get me to change my attire, and they failed.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Romany above.

Romany has an unlikely resume for the director of a fashion series, and not just because he only has one outfit. “I was born into a documentary-making family, and documentary is in my veins,” explains the Egyptian-born filmmaker, who is also an archaeologist and a Egyptian history scholar. He even hosted the Discovery Channel series “Mummies Unwrapped.” So he aimed to bring his unique perspective to “Making the Cut.”

“I wanted to give it that different feel, different look, something that doesn’t look like every other competition show out there,” he explains. “There are stories for every single one of these designers, and there are stories of Heidi [Klum] and Tim [Gunn], who are an amazing on-screen couple … I wanted it to be very cinematic.” Achieving that required dozens of crew members. “There’s a dance that happens on set” to “make it feel like a single-camera show with 16 cameras in the field.”

He also enjoyed capturing the contrast between the orderly Gunn and the free-spirited Klum. Gunn hits all his marks, but Klum is more of a wildcard because “she’s so free, and I love that because that allows me to capture the feeling … That’s what I love, to capture the feeling translated in the image.” But don’t count on their passion for fashion rubbing off on him. He insists, “Three years from now, four years from now, 10 years from now I’ll still have the same clothes.”

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