Ray Liotta Q&A: ‘Shades of Blue’

“In Matt’s way of thinking, he’s doing good for the neighborhood,” divulges Ray Liotta as we chat via webcam (watch the exclusive video above) about his character on “Shades of Blue.” Liotta stars in the NBC drama as Lieutenant Matt Wozniak, the corrupt commander of a New York City Police Precinct who is the target of a massive FBI investigation. Jennifer Lopez plays Harlee Santos, a single-mother officer in Wozniak’s crew who is forced by the FBI to inform on her boss.

Although his actions might be dubious, Liotta believes that Matt’s heart is always in the right place, as he tries to protect “the little slice of Brooklyn that my crew was in charge of. My philosophy was, if you know there’s going to be bad things out there,” you try, “to minimize the bad, so I can control it.” Matt is also, “very paternal with his group, especially Harlee.” Even after she informs on him, “we’re estranged for a while, but I still come back to her because I just love her like a daughter.”

Liotta won an Emmy for his guest spot on “E.R.” in 2005, and competed at the Golden Globes as Best Supporting Actor for “Something Wild” (1986), directed by the late Jonathan Demme. He’s best known for his films, most famously Martin Scorsese‘s mob classic “GoodFellas” (1990), plus “Field of Dreams,” “Copland,” and “Hannibal.” Check out our full interview above for more about his work on “Shades of Blue,” which places him on the 2017 Emmy Awards ballot as Best Drama Actor. He will also be on this summer’s ballot as a guest star on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

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