Regina Hall Interview: ‘Support the Girls’

“I was so surprised. I’m still surprised … I thought it was a joke at first,” says Regina Hall about finding out she had won Best Actress from the New York Film Critics Circle for her performance in “Support the Girls.” The win was historic because Hall was the first black woman ever to win that prize. “It was kind of surreal I have to be honest … They say being nominated is great, but I’ve got to tell you winning feels fucking amazing.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Hall above.

It’s not just journos in New York who have supported the “Girls.” The film has an 85 score on MetaCritic and a 93% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and Hall has also been nominated by critics in Chicago, Seattle and Toronto. That recognition hasn’t been lost on Hall, who says, “It’s really been the critics’ support that has continued and allowed us to be a part of this” awards conversation beyond the film’s August 24 limited release.

The story follows a day in the life of Lisa (played by Hall), the manager of a Hooters-style establishment where customers are served by scantily clad women. But Lisa is protective of her employees, especially against the restaurant’s unreasonable owner (James LeGros). Hall explains, “It’s interesting that [writer-director Andrew Bujalski] took a restaurant that was a backdrop to solidarity amongst women.” That put her in a “very thoughtful mood” when she read the script.

In addition to her critical plaudits, Hall’s performance in “Support” earned her Best Actress nominations from the Gotham Awards and Independent Spirit Awards, both of which shine a light on indie cinema. That is also particularly meaningful for her: “I love independent storytelling … There’s a stillness, there’s a pacing that’s not always allowed in big studio movies,” and she’s proud to be part of that community.

She appeared in a studio movie too this fall, but it’s also not your typical film. “The Hate U Give” is based on the bestselling young adult novel of the same name about a teenage girl (Amandla Stenberg) who must decide whether to testify to a grand jury after witnessing a deadly act of police brutality. Hall plays her mother, and she thought it was “amazing” to see this subject matter through the eyes of such “an empowered and informed generation.” For her to witness young people like Stenberg from where she is at this point in her life and career made it “a very special process.”

So no matter where you see Hall this season, in one way or another she’s supporting the girls.

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