Reid Scott Q&A: ‘Veep’

“When Mel Brooks tore open that envelope and called our name we turned to each other and went ‘Oh my God!’” recalls “Veep” star Reid Scott as we chat via webcam (watch above) about the HBO comedy series taking the top prize at last year’s Emmys. “It was crazy man. When Tony (Hale) won again and our writers won and then Julia (Louis-Dreyfus) won, it started to become this real possibility. It was amazing and it was a blur.”

Scott plays politico Dan Egan who has returned to the Meyer administration to help with the fallout from a tied presidential election. As the actor explains, “he’s back to doing what he does best, which is screw everything up. He’s Machiavellian, cunning and conniving. But he has a new goal, he wants to be a talking head with a cushy job.”

With “Veep” airing alongside a real-life race for the presidency, Scott notes “it is hard to turn away from an election cycle as crazy as the one we are witnessing now. With ‘Veep’ being this wonderful, satirical, political comedy we get asked how much are we borrowing. Which is, honestly, very little. If we tried to do something as crazy as what’s going on, would HBO let us shoot it? And the answer is probably no. You can’t make up what’s going on right now.”

He vividly recalls a moment from this season’s location shoot in the nation’s capital. “Dan is such a dick. Shooting that scene where he’s eating a sandwich in view of the homeless guy and he just throws it out in front of him. It’s so mean but it was a really fun to shoot because there’s hundreds of fans around, the show’s caught on and we won the Emmy last year. To go and get that authentic feel of being in DC. That was really, really fun.”

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