Rhea Seehorn Q&A: ‘Better Call Saul’

“If you are going to die on a show, at least in this one it’s going to be spectacular,” declares Rhea Seehorn about how her run on “Better Call Saul” might someday end. However, she would rather her character of Kim Wexler survive to the scenes where Jimmy/Saul (Bob Odenkirk) works in a Cinnabon post-“Breaking Bad.” In our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above), she adds, “I always go to set and watch those scenes be filmed. I’m constantly joking that you could pan back to Kim working at Claire’s Accessories in the mall with her own comb-over. Mostly they just tell me to ‘be quiet’ because they’re rolling.”

If Jimmy and Kim end up together at the end of the series run, Seehorn thinks that “there would be a cost to both of them being together. There would be a happiness but also a bit of a tragedy about it.” Regardless of Kim’s fate, “the way they write, I never doubt that this will continue to be one of my favorite roles I’ve ever played. Kim fascinates me and they never stop challenging me.”

This season Kim had to defend Jimmy before the bar. She addressees the question of whether he is valuable to the legal profession with a “resounding yes.” However, is the life of Kim Wexler better served by this troubled lawyer who doesn’t play by the rules? Seehorn says, “It’s something that Kim grapples with. But he is the least duplicitous person in her life. While the execution of his actions are definitely coloring outside of the line, his intentions and loyalty are pure. She recognizes and gravitates towards someone who is telling her like it is. She felt duped by a lot of people that were suppose to be pillars of justice. He asks her to question things and open her eyes to a lot of things.”

On what she’s learned playing Kim, Seehorn says that “she plays her cards extremely close to the chest. There is something abut the evolution of who she is that places her with Jimmy right now. There’s a real affection, respect and intimacy that transcends being romantic or not romantic. I work very hard on the internal thought process for Kim. It’s been fun to learn from her. I’m someone who’s uncomfortable being quiet. I fill silences. I’m very gestural. I’m always trying to make sure everyone is OK. It’s been kind of incredible to learn from Kim the power to just observe.”

15 thoughts on “Rhea Seehorn Q&A: ‘Better Call Saul’”

  1. I’d like the last scene of the series to be he and she, sitting together in his house, watching yet again the tape of Better Call Saul commercials. She finally had to go undercover and inadvertently ended up near him. Let the show end as a trailer trash tragedy, but at least they found each other again.

  2. Love Ms. Seehorn, she is very measured and she’s an excellent actress. She’s also from Norfolk/Va. Beach area where I’m from, not that’s the reason I love her. She is good at being funny and good at being serious.

  3. I have always loved the relationship between Kim and Jimmy. It transcends the crap that surrounds them.

    Kim is this amazing mix of determined, capable, hardass, and the sweetest girlfriend someone like Jimmy could ever possibly have.

  4. Yes it is fascinating to watch the chemistry of Kim and Jimmy. There is a unique intimacy that isn’t necessary sexual, but it is definitely about love and trust. Rhea deserves an Emmy nomination for her role. I hope she gets one next year! She is an outstanding actress.

  5. Can’t wait until she gets her own show. I love this actress. I’ve rarely seen such a believable portrayal of an attorney. Her flaws as a character are even sexy.
    I’ve watched much TV in my life and “Breaking Bad and Saul are two of the best shows…..EVER !
    I LOVE YOU, Rhea.

  6. I dont know why but I kinda cringe when I think of Kim & Saul full on “doin it”… none the less, I’d still like to see that episode!

  7. There must be some great vulnerability in Kim for Jimmy to resonate with her. I would like to find out why. Is it that she wants to fix him?Why? She is a mystery.

  8. I think logically that Kim would leave Jimmy sometime during his transformation into Saul. Fundamentally she’s a morally upright person and he will cross a line at some point where she has to distance herself from him

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