Rick Hoffman Q&A: ‘Suits’

"It was time for him to completely just lash out and completely just lace into these people who have admitted that they were hypocrites and liars,” reveals Rick Hoffman in a candid chat with us about the transformation of his character Louis Litt on USA Network’s legal drama "Suits."

Litt is the complicated, insecure, eccentric, vulnerable, unhinged and misunderstood attorney who became one of the focal points of the show this past season. The character steadily unravelled and then snapped in the mid-season finale ("This is Rome"), unleashing the rage and hurt that has been pent up for so long.

"What happens when you hit bottom – whatever comes out, comes out," explains Hoffman. "He’s like a child: 'I want you to tell me you’re a liar! I want you to tell me you didn’t mean what you said! And I want you to tell me that you’re sorry!' He is a walking emotion."

And yet, Litt has come a long way since the early days of "Suits," when he was effectively the default villain of the show terrorizing junior associates. "He was walking around in douche-mode," the actor jokes about Louis’ beginnings. "But all [showrunner] Aaron Korsch wanted, was for the show to have some legs, to let it evolve and let these people show their human sides. You see relationships play out, and now people are siding with him."

Hoffman adds, "He reminds people of someone they know. And it hits a chord. Now the difference is, anywhere I go, it’s very positive. It’s thrilling!" And the big question is where does his character go after such an explosive mid-season finale.

Looking forward to the final six episodes of the season airing in 2015, he promises that "the writers go head on. There’s no dillydallying! It’s now not just about attacks from outside the firm, but the attacks form inside the firm. … It’s going to be about how to handle the hurricane."

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