Ricky Gervais Q&A: ‘Golden Globe Awards’

“I think people expect ‘Special Correspondents’ to be a really hard-hitting satire about media,” notes Ricky Gervais during our webcam chat (watch above) about his new Netflix TV movie. “But actually, its main target is fame and what people will do to be famous.” He wrote and directed the audacious telefilm about two journalists (played by Gervais and Eric Bana) who pretend to report from war-torn Ecuador when they’re really still in the comforts of New York City.

“Netflix is great, but I feel it’s particularly great for me,” he says about his partnership with the online streaming giant that’s known for not interfering with its collaborators. “I’ve always demanded final edit from the very first thing I did, ‘The Office.’ I think [Netflix] might change things eventually because it might see the return of the auteur where films don’t have to be homogenized and focus-grouped to death.”

Besides being on the Emmy Awards ballot for starring, writing, directing and producing the project, Gervais also penned the original song “Dollar for a Hero” that co-star Vera Farmiga performs in one of the film’s more satirical scenes. “I’m a failed pop star who lives vicariously through his idiotic characters,” he jokes about the former songs he’s written for “The Office,” “Extras,” “The Simpsons” and even Elmo.

Gervais returned to emcee the Golden Globes this year after a three-year absence and will be eligible at the Emmys for hosting/writing the kudoscast. Does he plan on returning next year to host for a fifth time? “I would do it again, that is a fun three hours. It’s funny being the most feared man in the room. They haven’t asked me back yet, but the Hollywood Foreign Press loved it.”

However, “I don’t know if I’ll host the Oscars,” Gervais admits about the possibility of one day taking on Hollywood’s ultimate awards show. “I’ll be tempted, just so I can say I did it — win, lose or draw. And also, I’ve never got anything to lose. I’m not beholden to anyone there. I don’t care what anyone in that room thinks of me because I’m not begging for work.”

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