Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan Q&A: ‘Catastrophe’

“It’s an amazing, lovely surprise,” admits “Catastrophe” star Sharon Horgan during our recent interview (watch our exclusive video above) when talking about her Emmy nomination last year for Best Comedy Series Writing. She shared the bid with her costar and co-creator Rob Delaney, who admits to being, “so giddy,” upon hearing the news. This Amazon original series stars Delaney as an American who impregnates an Irish woman (Horgan) while on a business trip in London.

The third season, which premieres on April 28, finds the couple dealing with new obstacles in their marriage and careers. “My own life is far from uncomplicated,” states Horgan, “and I think most folks are in a similar situation.” She adds, “I love those shows where nothing happens. They’re brilliant, but I think I find them very hard to write.”

The duo  paid tribute to the late Carrie Fisher, who played Delaney’s mother on the series. “We didn’t believe she would show up on the first day,” he recalls. When she did, however, “we gradually equalized and calmed down over the course of two whole calendar years.” He describes her as, “a kind human being that was a pleasure to spend time with, in addition to being immeasurably brilliant.” Check out our full interview above for more about the upcoming third season of “Catastrophe.”

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