Robert Wagner Q&A: ‘NCIS’

“I love doing ‘NCIS.’ It’s one of the highlights of my career,” proclaims legendary actor Robert Wagner about his recurring role on the long-running CBS drama series. In our recent video chat (watch above), he adds, “Everybody really cares for each other, and it’s one of the reasons the show is so successful. It’s really an exceptional piece of writing.”

Wagner recently made his eighth guest appearance on the program as Anthony DiNozzo, Sr., father of regular character Anthony DiNozzo, Jr. (played by Michael Weatherly), a special agent and experienced investigator. In the episode “Reasonable Doubts,” a homeless woman (Melora Walters) sees Wagner’s character on the street and thinks he is her long-lost father. He takes an interest in her condition and finds out she has a brain tumor, causing him to assist her in receiving medical treatment and visiting her during her dying days.

During his run on the show, most of Wagner’s scenes have been with Weatherly who is leaving the crime drama starring Mark Harmon after 13 seasons next month. Wagner reveals he will be part of that finale. Of their relationship, he says, “Our chemistry worked really well over the years. I’ve really enjoyed working with him. He’s a special young man, and I have great affection for him.”

The emotional performance given by Wagner this season could finally catch the attention of Emmy Awards voters in the Best Drama Guest Actor category. During his long TV career, he has received one nomination: Best Drama Actor for “It Takes a Thief” (1970). He also picked up a Golden Globe nomination for that series as well as four others for his classic series “Hart to Hart” and an additional film bid for “Stars and Stripes Forever” (1953).

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