Ron Moore Q&A: ‘Outlander’ creator

What is the magical appeal of "Outlander" that's turned it into a cult super-hit? How does it manage to seduce usually cranky, cynical TV critics (scoring 72 at Metacritic) plus millions of crazed – and we mean bonkers – fans?

"It was a unique story I hadn't seen before — a woman going back through time, having a love triangle through the ages," "Outlander" TV series creator Ron Moore tells us in our webcam chat (watch below) about why he launched the show. "It has a lot of different genres that it encompasses. It has romance and historical fiction. There's an action-adventure quotient. 'Outlander' has big feelings, big emotion, high stakes, high ideals. What does it mean to love someone – truly, deeply and forever?"

Carrying this lofty burden is star is Caitriona Balfe, who got the role, Moore says, because "I wanted a Claire who could think on camera. Her intelligence is her primary characteristic. She holds the camera really well. You get drawn into her eyes. What she's thinking – you see it play across her face. She's a very emotional actress and when she's upset or angry or bereft, you feel it, genuinely."

Moore reveals to us what Balfe does to unwind on the set in between shooting scenes. He also tattles on meandering horses, cold castles and the peculiarly sexy way that the male actors don their kilts before they appear on camera.

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