Rupert Friend Q&A: ‘Homeland’

English actor Rupert Friend has played CIA operative Peter Quinn in the spy drama "Homeland" since season two, but "if he's not taking out terrorists, he's looking through the bottom of a fifth of scotch. There's a part of me that is very worried about him," says the actor. "I'd like to take him for a beer, but I don't know how that would end up."

Quinn was first introduced as a member of the team investigating war hero-turned-terrorist Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), but over the course of his three seasons we've gotten to know Quinn better, from his strong moral code to his intense anger issues, but "the flaws are where it gets interesting with human beings," says Friend of what appeals to him about the role. "We're none of us perfect, and Quinn definitely has a lot of demons … yet underneath all that I think is a very strong sense of right and wrong, and when it gets offended, he takes action in a way that is sometimes a little bit disproportionate, but it's coming from a good place."

Over the years, Quinn has also developed a closer bond with fellow embattled CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), and their feelings turned romantic by the fourth season finale, but Friend isn't so sure that's a good idea either. "I think professionally they are a good foil for one another. They're both hotheaded in certain situations and frankly won't listen to anyone else," he admits, "but I don't necessarily think that that for a good relationship makes."

But even though he stars in a perilous spy thriller where major characters are routinely dispatched, being killed off is one thing he doesn't worry about. "It's always a possibility with this show, and I trust the people who make it to always tell the most interesting, exciting story they can," he says. "If that includes Quinn being found at the bottom of a ditch, then I'm totally behind them doing that."

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