Rupert Grint interview: ‘Servant’

“He’s not an easy person to like; he’s got a lot of flaws,” says Rupert Grint about his character Julian Pearce in “Servant.” Although Julian has been one of the core four characters in both seasons of the psychological thriller that have released so far, it is unclear what his profession is. Grint laughs in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above), “He does have a job. He has a job in the financial district somewhere. It’s never been revealed to me exactly what he does and I’ve never really invented anything subtextually really. I don’t really understand that world. He’s in the financial world — maybe hedge funds?”

“Servant” differs from most series in that its lead director serves as its showrunner. “He’s always there,” says Grint about M. Night Shyamalan. He explains about how the iconic filmmaker colors the narrative, “In this world that Night’s created, you never really know what’s going on. I had some ridiculous theories in the beginning. I went down a whole ‘Sixth Sense’ thing where I thought maybe I’m dead. Maybe I’m not there; has anyone seen me? But everyone’s seen me, so that wasn’t right, but it constantly makes you question what’s real and what’s not and who you trust, which is exciting for a drama.”

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The ordered third season has filmed eight of its 10 episodes for Apple TV+ in Pennsylvania and is now planned to be the series’ penultimate. “It’s a really great season,” reveals Grint after teasing, “We’re coming to the end and yeah, it’s evolved into something very different once again.”

“I know it’s been a long time,” laughs Grint about how it has been six years since he last appeared in a feature film following his teen years in the “Harry Potter” franchise. The actor comments about his full move to television, “This show really feels like an Apple product. It’s quite dark and shiny and innovative in a way. The fact that we’re doing half-hour episodes in this genre is quite a new thing, so it feels like a really fun place to be and what I love about TV — it feels quite familiar to me, even with Potter being this part of long-running thing and the opportunity to grow a character over a whole series is similar to Potter in a way, so I feel I’m quite comfortable in TV and yeah, I like it. I like the flexibility and the pace of it as well. The quality is really good.”

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