Saffron Burrows Q&A: ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

Saffron Burrows readily admits to us during a recent webcam chat that she did not expect her Amazon series "Mozart in the Jungle" to be nominated at the Golden Globes. "It was a lovely surprise! There are such brilliant comedies in that category. It’s just thrilling to think that people have watched it and enjoyed it. It’s a lovely affirmation for us all."

She thinks that these bids for Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Actor (Gael Garcia Bernal) have the potential to attract new viewers to the second season which began streaming on December 30. "Amazon, and I imagine the other streaming platforms, are thrilled when something is critically acknowledged, as I think that’s the sort of content they’re interested in making. You know, stuff that people are passionately watching, rather than sort of passively watching."

Burrows plays Cynthia Taylor, a glamorous and somewhat mysterious celloist in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, who takes newcomer oboist Hailey Rutledge (Lola Kirke) under her wing as she navigates her way through the fascinating world of classical musicians plying their trade in the Big Apple. "There’s a degree of mystery that I haven’t yet unravelled about Cynthia," admits Burrows. "She lives without categorization, and she lives from her heart, rather passionately."

The show has been praised for bringing to life a scene that many of us would rarely see or hear about; the cloistered world of classical musicians. "The show demystifies it," explains the actress. "I would have thought there would have been a stuffiness and inaccessibility to it, but we obviously just explore people’s lives, they’re just human beings who are living in a certain context, and doing something they are passionate about."

Burrows is not only delighted about what viewers can expect in season two, but also from the experience of shooting it earlier this year. "This season is bigger, larger, more adventure filled. We go to Mexico City, and we play in the Palacio de Bellas Artes" she reveals. "It happened to be the last night of the whole shoot for myself and Lola Kirke, so when we wrapped, Roman Coppola was directing that episode, and he told the audience that these two actresses have just completed their work on this season, and everyone applauded; it was very heart-warming. And Gael translated it all for the audience. So we got to stand on the stage of the Bella Artes and take a bow! I have never wrapped a film or show in that way before. It was quite special."

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