Samantha Bee Q&A: ‘Full Frontal’

“Everybody was obviously heartbroken. It took nothing to get everybody on-board with completely shifting the show and rebuilding the first act in the only way we felt it was possible,” reveals Samantha Bee as we chat via webcam (watch above) about the June 13 episode of her TBS talk show “Full Frontal” which dealt with the mass shooting that took place the previous day in Orlando, Florida, and left 49 dead.

The first segment of the episode opted for frustration instead of thoughts and prayers (watch the segment below). “We’re just so angry. We are exhausted. We need to make a change,” she explains of the need for sensible gun control. “We cannot have to do a show like this again. What it’s going to take is all of us holding on to that ember of anger and just letting it burn, and not getting lazy about it.”

“Full Frontal” airs on Monday nights, and this is just the latest example of the challenges of keeping up with the news cycle, especially during a presidential campaign. Few would have predicted that Donald Trump would be within striking distance of the White House. “If nothing else, it’s a lively election season,” declares Bee, and that’s putting it mildly. The campaign has been great fodder for a new topical talk show, though she adds, “We don’t wish it on the country at all.”

TBS has ordered new episodes of “Full Frontal” that will take the show to the end of the year, which means five more months of election madness. How will it affect next Monday’s show? The news week isn’t over yet, so for better or worse, “anything could happen.”

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