Samantha Housman interview: ‘Wander Darkly’ producer

“It was a beautiful experience,” says “Wander Darkly” producer Samantha Housman about the experience of bringing this unique love story to the screen. We talked with Housman as part of our “Meet the Experts” film producers panel. Watch our interview above.

Written and directed by Tara Miele, “Wander Darkly” tells the story of a couple (Sienna Miller and Diego Luna) struggling to figure out what’s real in the aftermath of a devastating car accident. “The movie is very much based on an accident that she got in with her husband,” Housman explains about Miele’s inspiration. And not just the accident: “The entire story of that movie is very much based on her marriage, and I think when you work on something that’s deeply personal to someone, it’s a very emotional experience.”

It was also a challenge behind the scenes because of the complex way the film interweaves the past and the present, memory and fantasy as the couple takes an inventory of their lives together — warts and all. “It’s a very emotional journey for both of these actors that are having to go to really deep, dark places,” Housman points out. “Also it’s a very technical film … There’s so much trust that you have to put in [Miele] … It took a lot of coordination and a lot of constant meetings with our cinematographer, our editor, our visual effects supervisor, and Tara our writer-director, all day every day on set.”

On a film this visually and narratively complex, “you’re asking a lot from your filmmakers,” Housman adds, “so I think you’re constantly having to be that support system for them, and I love that.”

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