Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber Interview: ‘The Disaster Artist’ writers

Although it’s laugh-out-loud funny, “The Disaster Artist” screenwriter Scott Neustadter reveals that he and parter Michael H. Weber “didn’t set out to write a big, fat comedy.” During our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above), he continues, “We knew that the subject and the source material and the people involved are hilarious, and we tried to write the straight version of that story.” James Franco directs and stars in this A24 release as Tommy Wiseau, a mysterious would-be filmmaker who along with his acting buddy Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) creates the so-bad-it’s-good cult classic “The Room.”

The duo adapted their script from the book by Sestero and Tom Bissell of the same title. They were drawn to the material, Weber divulges, because “we related to these two guys, Tommy and Greg, two outsiders who were desperate to break into the movie business. It wasn’t that long ago we were those two guys; most days, we still feel like those two guys. So for us, this was always less about inside-baseball Hollywood, and more about a friendship, and the glue of that friendship was these two guys who believed in each other” even when “no one else believed in them.”

Neustadter and Weber recently received Writers Guild and Critics’ Choice Awards nominations for the film. They previously contended witht both groups for “(500) Days of Summer” (2009), which won them an Independent Spirit Award.

On Sunday, “The Disaster Artist” won the Golden Globe for Best Film Comedy/Musical Actor (Franco), where it also competed as Best Film Comedy/Musical.

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