Sean Callery Q&A: ‘Homeland’ and ’24’ composer

From his record eight consecutive bids for "24," composer Sean Callery won Emmys in 2003, 2006 and 2010. So enamored were Emmy voters with his work that "24" stands as the only series that ran for more than three seasons to be nominated every year for its score. And during our recent webcam chat, this staggering statistic came as news to him. “That’s very cool; wait a minute, say that stat again,” he responded.

Callery said he was thankful for such continued peer recognition, especially since he was surprised to even get the job on “24” back in 2001. As he recalled, “When I joined the show, I was certainly untested. The executive producer of the show, Joel Surnow, had to really make his case to Fox Television that I would deliver on doing the job and he probably at times had more confidence in me than I did.”

Since "24" signed off in 2010, he has reaped nominations for the miniseries "The Kennedys" (2011) and the series "Homeland" (2012) and "Elementary" (2013). He just finished scoring the final episodes of the return of "24" as a limited series; that will be eligible at next year's awards. 

This year, he has entered his work on “Homeland,” “Elementary” and “Bones.” Callery credits the changing television landscape, which includes summer broadcasts like “24: Live Another Day” and relatively short seasons of “Homeland,” with allowing him to work on so many different shows in any given year.

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