Sean Porter Q&A: ’20th Century Women’ cinematographer

“She is a real amazing person, both in the script and in real life, and we’re going to celebrate that rather than turn it into something it’s not,” said “20th Century Women” cinematography Sean Porter about his approach to working with star Annette Bening (watch below). “There’s such an innate inner beauty that she has, and she glows no matter what her circumstances are.” Porter was part of a “Meet the Experts” panel presented by Gold Derby at the Landmark Theater in L.A. on Nov. 22 to spotlight great achievements in crafts.

“20th Century Women” tells the story of Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann), a teenage boy living in the late 1970s whose adolescence is greatly influenced by the women in his life: his mother Dorothea (Bening), his elusive best friend Julie (Elle Fanning) and Dorothea’s bohemian tenant Abbie (Greta Gerwig). But really it’s “a coming of age for everybody in the story at various points in their lives,” says Porter about the changes all four main characters undergo throughout the film.

Making the film was “a unique experience” for Porter because he “was born on the heels” of the film’s time period and thus “wasn’t really privy or part of that experience” of growing up in the 1970s. He describes the film as being director Mike Mills‘s “coming of age story,” and admits he “didn’t have traditional insider information on how that went down, or how it felt to be there.”

Porter received his first Independent Spirit Award nomination in 2014 for his work on “It Felt Like Love.” Earlier this year saw the release of two other films lensed by the up-and-comer: “The Trust” and “Green Room.” His other credits include “Eden” (2012), “Grassroots” (2012) and “Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter” (2014).

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