Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Q&A: ‘Sausage Party’

“It took a long, long time” to make “Sausage Party,” says producer/writer Evan Goldberg about the hilarious R-rated animated movie that’s now in the Oscar discussion for Best Animated Feature. Star Seth Rogen, who also wrote and produced the project, adds, “It had to be an idea that we were extremely passionate about because it probably was harder to make and took more of our time and energy than any movie we’ve ever made.” Watch our fun interview with Rogen and Goldberg above.

“We were really excited about the idea of being the first to make an R-rated, animated comedy,” Rogen continues. “The idea itself we really loved. The theological themes and the bigger ideas behind the movie were as relevant as anything we could ever be working on. And the cast, honestly, that was the other thing. Although it took around 10 years, I never got sick of working on it.”

When Goldberg and Rogen were coming up with the original story (along with Jonah Hill), Goldberg admits, “The challenge was making the story rich enough to make it worthy of the genre it was in. These high-quality CG films are just so well done, at a certain point we realized that we had to write it as well as they write those films, but they have a lot more time and way smarter people.” And Rogen chimes in, “But we also had all the dick jokes.”

As for all the Oscar chatter, Goldberg declares that it would be “the best thing ever” if “Sausage Party” were to be nominated for Best Animated Feature. Rogen adds, “When you resign years ago to the fact that you just simply didn’t make the kind of movies that were nominated for awards, and when you made one that is exactly the kind of movie that you like to make, and somehow it has wound up in that conversation, it’s extremely thrilling.”

Also in our interview, the guys chat about working with music man Alan Menken, how the film works in the post-Donald Trump political landscape, and whether any actors said no to the project, while Rogen jokes that he wouldn’t want to host the Oscar ceremony after his buddy James Franco got roasted by the critics.

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