Sienna Miller interview: ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’

“She’s catapulted into a set of circumstances that are completely out of her control and she is free falling,” exclaims Sienna Miller about her character in the Netflix limited series “Anatomy of a Scandal.” Miller stars as Sophie Whitehouse, a wife and mother whose life implodes after her husband (Rupert Friend), a popular British politician, admits to having an affair and is then charged with rape. In our exclusive video interview (watch above), Miller discusses the difficulty in tackling such bleak subject matter and portraying Sophie’s “journey of discovery.”

The actress was initially drawn to how Sophie evolved over the course of the series. “That was probably the thing that was most appealing was to transform and end up as something very different to who she was when the show begins,” she says. “I think I was really drawn to playing that kind of buttoned up English person who is slightly blissfully unaware, who was groomed to be this perfect thing. And then life happens.”

Miller characterizes Sophie as a woman who is more complex than the polished, upper-class woman she tries to project to the world. “Where she has a reckoning… is in her understanding that deep down she understood that she was playing a part and that everything she held onto was probably a lie,” argues Miller. “I think it’s not too dissimilar to a lot of people. I think that if you scratch beneath the surface of a lot of people, there are multiple versions of what they project and who they actually are.”

For Miller, one of the more difficult aspects of playing Sophie was in how differently Sophie’s reactions are from the actress’s. Miller points to Sophie’s rather subdued reaction to James’s confession that he’s been having an affair. “I found that so intriguing because I am absolutely not that person,” she says. “I found myself afterward feeling kind of enraged by her lack of energy in response to that. I sort of admired it.”

Miller argues that the series has a resonance for today’s times because of the sheer scope of issues that it covers. “It’s dissecting the anatomy of a country and of a structure and of politics and of rape and consent and privilege,” she argues. “It’s so meaty and current. I love that this show was made and I wonder if six years ago it would have been. It’s very telling that this show was made and was as successful as it was.”

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